Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Right now I'm reading a really cool book by Ronald Smith called Cryptid Hunters. It's about these two kids who end up living with their weird uncle who happens to search for creatures that supposedly don't really exist (cryptids). There haven't been any real encounters with Bigfoot or anything like that in the book, but I'm only about half way through. They find this large, green egg that's supposedly that of a dinosaur that still lives somewhere deep in the Congo. How cool would that be, to find out that dinosaurs still exist?

Anyway, I just read online about all these new species of animals they've been discovering in Papau New Guinea's Rain Forest. Some of them they've even found in the pit of an inactive volcano. Pretty awesome. Most of these creatures, like a frog with fangs, a tiny parrot, and some strange looking rat, have never had any contact with human beings.

If you get a chance, do a search for newly discovered or amazing species of animals. When you see some of them, the existence of cryptid animals such as Bigfoot or the Kraken (like from Pirates of the Caribbean) doesn't seem so unlikely.

It just goes to show you that, no matter how unlikely something may be, there's no denying it once it's proven to be real...

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  1. Roland Smith here... I'm glad to hear you're enjoying Cryptid Hunters. When you finish I hope you get the sequel Tentacles, which just came out.