Friday, September 25, 2009

Honda unicycle

Okay. Did anyone see the movie Wall-E? Now, I know that it was just a movie, fiction, make-believe, but a lot of great fiction is filled with truths and good arguments about reality.

One argument in the movie was about how much waste we produce. The whole, deserted city of garbage was a great statement about the direction in which we're headed as far as waste production and management.

Another argument was in the interstellar, vacation ship, on which resided a community of, well, excessively obese people riding around on little personal couches and having practically everything done for them by personal computers and gadgets. Again, I know it was just a movie, but we have to admit there's at least a little truth in what it says about our desire to make our lives as easy and convenient as possible.

The human body is designed to do WORK. It is a masterfully crafted bio-mechanical unit with the most sophisticated and most highly developed control/ command system (the brain) known to mankind. Even the exercise and fitness industry are using campaigns of 'workout less, lose more weight and be healthier.' And products such as the new Honda unicycle are just one step closer to us riding around on little personal couches, being stuffed with food, while computers and a personal gadgets do all of the work for us. Products such as this unicycle are one step closer to just handing our lives over to Polar Bear Project.

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