Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A dream, 2 September 2009

I wake up, laying in a patch of grass next to a metal fence, in a corner of the neighbor's backyard. It's dark, early morning dark, and everything is completely silent. I'm covered with a small, thin blue blanket that I had when I was just a toddler. I look up. Beyond the tops of the dark trees, the perfectly clear sky is filled with stars, their number "like sands upon the seashore". Occasionally there is even a shooting star.

I toss the blanket over the fence into my own backyard, dust the thin blades of grass off my shirt and climb to my feet. I'm not sure why, but it feels dangerous for me to climb over the fence, and so I decide to walk around the garage to get into my own yard.

As I round the corner of the garage, I see the massive, dark form of a statue, a statue of a polar bear, illuminated only by starlight, standing menacingly in the driveway. At first, it seems to be facing me, but then, extremely slowly, it turns its head and looks away from me. It's face is almost completely overshadowed. Where it's eyes should be, there is only darkness.

I try to ignore it. I try to forget that it is there, even though I am terrified. I look up at the sky. It's so beautiful, all of the stars scattered like cosmic dust. The moon is full and crystal clear with all its craters, mountains, and valleys. It looks so close, so magnificently large, like it's going to crash into the earth. An incomplete halo of light closes around it as if following the hour hand of a clock. It is the countdown toward some grand, astronomical event. When the halo is complete and perfectly encircles the moon, it suddenly vanishes like a vapor in the wind, and I feel a chill run through me like some secret event has taken place.

All of a sudden, as if it was there the whole time, another moon appears just beneath the old one. It is much larger and has colorful, rings slowly rotating around it like those around the planet Saturn. Both moons seem to be getting larger and larger, closer and closer.

Cosmic dust starts to drizzle down from the sky. Everything is so silent, so perfectly and wonderfully silent. The scene, the star filled night sky, the two magnificent moons, the light shower of cosmic dust, is all so beautiful.

I close me eyes and lower my head. The beast, the polar bear, has vanished from the the driveway. Relieved, I proceed to walk through the gate into my backyard. As I pass through the gate, I notice the window to my bedroom has been flung open, as if someone, or something, had entered there. With the terrible chill overwhelming me once again, I stare into the blackness of the open window.

This is when I wake up.

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