Friday, September 11, 2009

11 September 2009

Finally, it is raining. All summer the rain clouds just sort of teased us, roaring and rumbling by, only slowing down to sprinkle a few drops before scuttling away into the distance. But now we see that, truly, "when it rains, it pours."

Rain is great, especially the kind that just goes on and on, sometimes for days, the sky completely covered by murky grayness, the whole city getting a good, naturally cleansing. What's even better is when it starts to flood and the whole city sort of has to slow down and let nature do its thing. People drive slower (at least the smart ones do), school gets cancelled, outdoor sporting events are postponed, and a kid can just sit around the house and be lazy and not have to worry about not getting things done.

I just looked at my watch and realized it is 9-11. I don't really remember too much about that awful day. I remember all the kids having to go into the auditorium at school and the principle telling us something about how we should never take for granted our freedoms as American citizens. I remember seeing some of the images of planes crashing into buildings in New York on T.V. and thinking it was part of a moving or something.

When you think about it, major tragedies like that are bound to happen at least every couple of decades, if not more frequently. As technology gets more advanced, I try not to think about what the next major tragedy will be and where it will happen. Not to mention all the things that are going on to which we are all completely oblivious...

Ah, there's nothing like just sitting near a window and watching the rain fall. There's nothing quite so relaxing. I can just sit and watch, feeling all of my fears and concerns being temporarily washed away in the cleansing flood.

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