Friday, September 11, 2009

Comment by Anonymous Reader

This was a comment posted by an anonymous reader on my earlier post, "They are listening to your thoughts". The post is, verbatim, the reader's original thoughts. The only reason I reposted it as a new message was because I couldn't add "bleeps" in comment moderation.


Here's the fundamental flaw that I'm seeing in your logic: you have no proof. Everything you are basing your beliefs on is nothing more than assumption and misinformation. The idea that the government reads our thoughts by downloading them from phone towers is as ludicrous as most religions. Unless you have indisputable proof, you have no basis for your claims. I could easily say that my desk is responsible for my sleeping simply because it is in my room while I am sleeping. I can't prove that this is true, but it can't be disproven, either.

I realize that you are just a kid, I was too. Not that long ago, either. I was in the same boat then, too. I was easily swayed into believing that the government was this intrusive, controlling puppet master that was going to eventually brainwash the population and use us all as pawns in a global war. I couldn't prove any of my thoughts, but no one could disprove them, so I took them as truth. I had that "gut feeling". Then I got older (I know how cliché this is going to sound) and realized that I was just being paranoid. The government has better things to do than monitor the thoughts of its citizens. It would be way too costly, too dangerous and frankly, pointless. Not to mention the fact that the technology to carry out such a project simply does not exist.

I think it's great that you are questioning things, that's how people get educated; and you seem like a very intelligent kid, but you have to look at both sides. Only believing what you want to believe is how people become prejudiced and biased. Once that happens, you've become your own enemy.

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P.S. - The whole 2012 thing is a load of ****. Yes, the Mayan calendar ends at 21 Dec 2012, but you have to consider a few things.

1. The Mayans made a calendar that extended through thousands of years. They probably figured that going that far ahead would suffice for then.

2. The "end" is actually the end of a cycle. One of many cycles that exist on the calender. It has been taken WAY out of context by New Age psychics and people looking to make a quick buck as being the "end of the world".

3. Predictions like this have existed throughout modern history. People have sincerely thought the world was going to end in the years (

Spend some time on that website. James Randi is a wonderful guy. A great skeptic. He can provide a lot of insightful information

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  1. I should repeat that I DO NOT KNOW if it's the government. I also DO NOT KNOW if it has anything to do with the Mayan 2012 Prophecy.

    As far as proof, well, you got me there. There are very few things that one can prove 100%, and the moment you find one shred of evidence against it, you lose that 100%. So what's left? I suppose that gut feeling. I'll say again that I hope I'm wrong, but I'm sure we all know how it feels to sense something is wrong but have no material evidence to support that sensation. Do you just ignore the feeling, especially when reason speaks against it?

    I do believe the technology is available, however. I also believe that the power of the electromagnetic spectrum is something most people don't think much about.

    Thanks again for reading and your comment, and sorry I had to make the little edit...