Monday, October 26, 2009


So I haven't really gotten sick in the past couple of weeks. Maybe a little hint of a sore throat here, a slight runny nose there, a touch of nausea way over there, but little more. Good for me, right?

However, for over a week or so I've been getting these chills. They're not the kinds of chills you get when you're plummeting into illness, the kind where it seems like, no matter what you do, you can't get your body temperature up to where it should be. They're those full body chills, the kind that seem to radiate in a sudden instant from the center of your chest and out into your arms and legs, gone before you even realize what's happened. They come and go at random, with no apparent provocation.

They're almost like the sort of chills you get when something really amazing happens to you, or when you hear a really awesome piece of music and it just sort of gets to you, and you have that feeling of being completely overwhelmed, spiritually, like something completely transcendent has happened. Kind of like those sorts of chills but, like I said, for no apparent reason whatsoever.

I've been kind of hoping I'd get just sick enough to miss school, but not so sick that they're digging my grave. But this feels like something else. Like maybe something big is about to happen, and some non-physical part of me is transferring awareness of it to me through the chills.

I don't know.



  1. Weird indeed!
    I get those chills sometimes-in fact I got one today! :)

    Maybe something big will happen, lets just hope it has nothing to do with sickness! :]

  2. the cute dorky ones indeed!
    they are definitely the ones you gotta hold onto! xP

  3. zomg, i wonder what could happen...

    sounds really interesting! :D

    Re: the bottom of the pool thing...
    Once upon a time it was synchronized swimming training... time... for me.
    So off I went to the session. We were doing figures when I saw something shiny at the bottom of the pool. "Oh, what is that?" I thought and went down to inspect it. Guess what?? IT WAS A 2 DOLLAR COIN.
    I spent the two dollars on cookies :)

    the end.

    P.S No clue as to how it got there...