Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I love it when I find music related posts. You can read and hear about professional, world class musicians any time and they're stories about music are always so, I don't know, lofty(?) Not very easy to relate to for us little people. I'd rather read about how the common man (and woman) lives with music. Here are another blogger's thoughts on music, particularly the violin can be found here:

I started playing violin for a little while. I even went out and got some instructional books. I taught myself to read music for the instrument, learned some scales, a few simple songs, then hit a brick wall when it came to technique. I don't know why, but when I play the violin, it feels like I'm trying to balance a ultra light wheel barrow between my chin and shoulder while trying to shovel dirt into it. I mean, it's so uncomfortable!

I have so much admiration for violinists. I'd give me right hand to play some of those Paganini etudes (not really, that would be dumb seeing as how I couldn't actually play the instrument with one hand). I play a little guitar and find that it's so much easier after wrestling with a violin. It just makes me sick watching a good violinist; how do they make it look so easy?


  1. Violinists (and... violists? I'm not sure if that's the right word for those who play the viola) amaze me, too! I opted for playing the cello when I was in orchestra, since it's much easier to have your hands lower than your shoulders, ha. Even that was too much for me, though. Musicians in general just boggle my mind... I can't believe how much effort some people put into it!

  2. Oh! I wish I could play an instrument, I always end up quitting, and starting on something else. I'm so determined ain't I? xP

  3. Ah, cello...such a rich, full, gorgeous tone they produce.

  4. as simple as it looks to play music its a gift that we all can enjoy but that not all can give away...
    and yeah! :D the cello suit no. 5 in c minor by Bach its superb!!!
    oh yeah all the rest of the music and musicians also

  5. Cello suit no.5 in c minor...I think I'll listen to it right now. Another recommendation for any cello lovers out there: any of the Vivaldi concerti...

  6. I feel honored that you linked my blog! Thank you! Sadly, I do not play violin so well, and I haven't played in a long time. I'm trying really hard to get a violin and puck it back up though.

    The hard part for me was not holding the violin, it was holding the bow. I think my music teacher taught me wrong...
    And I think your profile appeared as private a while ago >_<