Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just keep your shirt on...

So I was thinking today about the first human beings.

Whatever your beliefs are about the origin of man, hopefully we can agree on the point that the first man/ people were naked. Whenever the first 'men' walked on earth, they probably were not wearing so much as a fig leaf. Perhaps they strung some animal skins together in the winter, but for the most part the first people went without clothing. Yes, eventually environmental factors or spiritual (downfall) factors - depending on your own beliefs - would lead people to make clothes but, in the beginning, people just let it all hang out.

If we can agree on that, then perhaps we can agree on the fact that, being naked, at least in a technology free world, was and is probably the best way to go. Maybe, on microscopic and subatomic levels, the human body functions and interacts best with the environment when it's as bare as the day it was born. Maybe we were never meant to wear clothes. If we live in environments that are too cold for us NOT to wear some sort of covering, maybe we weren't meant to live in those environments. If we live in those colder environments that require us to wear clothing because of limited space in warmer climates, maybe there are too many people...wait, now I'm way off topic.

No, I'm not saying everyone should go around naked (even though I'm sure a lot of you are stripping down as you're reading this). I'm just wondering if we would be better off without clothes.

I actually started out with a completely different point in mind, so if this makes absolutely no sense, well...sorry.

How about a vote among us scrappy bloggers (and readers of scrappy blogs): clothes or no clothes?


  1. I often think the same thing about makeup! I wear it, everday but I sometimes wonder why I do because men don't wear it and its just the same as painting on a face.. I don't know, its just strange

  2. why did I have a different idea about this blog entry after reading the title?
    anyway... sorry, no votes here :P but curious for to see some results of that "pool"

  3. brittany,
    ugh, fashion; you've opened an entirely different can of worms.

  4. I would go naked if everyone else would... Or even if it was considered to be somewhat normal/legal. It's nice to not wear clothes. At the same time, I love certain articles of clothing, and I think clothes are a fun way to express yourself (i.e. with a Bill Cosby-like sweater, haha, if you see my blog you will get it)... So maybe I am fine with or without clothes.

    Interested to see what other people have to say.

  5. I think that clothes express you, as a person. Different styles, clothes, jewelry, etc. So i don't know. I like clothing, but maybe we can all get along if we didn't have to spend money on 'em, or fuss about what to wear the next day. So it's vs. being free, and expressing yourself. Meaning without clothing, personalities, and looks (skin color, hair color, and so on....) we would have very few differences. :)

    I think i just confused myself....