Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mein Kampf

First, first FIRST...this is Not a Nazi Propaganda post. Got it!? For some random reason I decided to try teaching myself German (I even got some German language audio books from the library), and decided to try and look smart by translating the title of the post (My Struggle) into German. Well, lo and behold, Mein Kampf happens to be the title to a famous book by an infamous individual, and if I say any more then it might actually (accidentally) turn into propaganda...!

ANYWAYS, this is mein kampf, that is, my struggle: technology. I know I'm going to appear completely self-contradictory here, seeing how much technology it takes for me to get this message across the globe in the blink of an eye, but that's just the way it is - but therein lies the struggle. On one hand, I'd love to go completely stone-age, just toss all of our computers, cell phones, blackberries, televisions, radios, insert technological device here, into the mouth of a volcano,(I know, my blog is getting less and less popular with every word I write) and be rid of all them. On the other hand, I'm typing away on my laptop, the music playing from the radio in the background, about to hop into an automobile with the family and head out to eat.

I just hate to see people becoming so detached from one another. I just hate to see people using technology as a way to get out of interacting with people who are right there in front of them. Sure, you can talk to anyone on the planet any time from almost anywhere, we have all sorts of wonderful forms of entertainment in digital devices, we can do and experience things in virtual worlds that people of past times never could have imagined.

And so what? Does it mean we're happier, more content, more fulfilled than people in past, less technologically developed societies? We get on an elevator and try our best not to make eye contact with the other people on there we don't know. We don't make an attempt to get to know the quiet kid next or down the street, but we spend hours online looking for 'virtual' friends (I'm going to lose so much support after this). We sacrifice good, personal relationships with people physically near us, keep them at a distance (I know, some people you SHOULD keep at a distance), so we can send text messages to people nowhere in sight about how bored we are.

This is my struggle. I really can't stand technology, but I know it's essential to our modern lives...


  1. i speak a bit of deutsch! very basic stuff though.
    hoping the fact that "when it rains it pours" is a good thing? x

  2. I really am a big fat nerd when it comes to technology. I honestly love it, and I don't think I could live without 'em. My cell phone-could not give up...would not. My Zune (mp3 player) could/would not give up also. And computers? Definitely not.
    But, on the other hand, it does tear our world apart. We do become distant. I know some kids whose parents text them, instead of talk to them-common! Reality check, we are human beings. We have a mouth, and vocal chords to produce noise/sound for a reason!

    But, I guess life doesn't last forever, so it has to end somehow. Why not make it technology that ends it? :)

  3. Awesome idea you bring up, bringing an end to life, or, at least, life as we know it...

    Keep winning those vollyball games!

  4. Good luck with the German! Very cool :)

    Technology is a tricky struggle to have. It has its good and bad quality’s which I think Elle seemed to pin point perfectly....

    I really hope that the world doesn't get over-run by technology. Personally, I love the out doors and we should always enjoy the small pleasures in life while we have them. You never know when the next time you’ll see the sky or even a man slowly and delicately playing a violin or piano will be... :)

    I don't know if you read my reply to your comment on my blog, but it obtains now as well. I really enjoy your blog because you are a wonderful writer and you have many thought-provoking posts... :) LOVE it! :)