Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So, I'm out riding my bike in the woods behind my house, having a good time, cruising through the trails, enjoying the shade from the sun and suddenly I feel this sharp, sudden sting on my right arm just above the elbow. For a moment it felt really cold and I though maybe a branch had just whipped my arm, but then it started to hurt like the dickens. I look down at my arm and there's a red and purple circle: something had stung me. I don't know if it was a wasp, bee, or anything else that stings, I just know I got stung.

I don't know why, but I find it sort of funny that the 'culprit' was not identified and still at large. That's right, the little creature that stung me for no apparent reason, is still out there in the woods (for all I know), perhaps sitting in his little den or hive, relaxing with a cup of tea in his rocking chair chuckling diabolically to himself, just waiting for my return. I mean, I never even saw him, or her, or it, or whatever. That's just wrong. It's just flat out evil.

Even at this very moment, my arm is throbbing at the spot where he got me. And now, no matter how hard I try, whenever I go out into the woods I am going to be wary of mysterious stinging creatures lurking behind every branch and stone. Maybe that was his plan. Maybe he just wanted to send me a warning, as if to say, "stay out of my part of the woods or else..."


  1. I'm so sorry... that IS evil. I ha-ahem, strongly dislike things that sting. One time I went kayaking, and me and my sister were in the same kayak, and she wanted to go under a tree. A very low hanging tree full of big ugly spider webs and nests of various sorts. She thought it was pretty, and paddled that way, while I paddled opposite her because I knew we wouldn't make it through, the limbs hung so low. Well eventually my arms wore out and we went under the tree, got hung up in the branches, and then it felt like a flaming dagger was stuck into my arm. I look down and see something big and black, so I hit it. And hit it again. And wave my arm around like a total psycho while yelling at the top of my lungs, because it STILL won't get off my arm! So I dunked it underwater and held it there for a long time and when I pulled up my arm the bug was gone and so was a circular chunk of my skin. I had to go to the doctor because my entire lower arm swole up bigger than my biceps, my fingers were fat red sausages I could barely bend, and there was one weird looking hole in the middle of it. It's all better now (though I do have a scar), but I HATE things that sting. At least I can tell myself I drowned the villian :). To think I used to love all bug-kind... lol

  2. That's crazy. My sting wasn't nearly as traumatic. I don't know if I'd ever want to LOOK at another bug after that...

  3. Wow... you poor thing. You're right. That varmit has no right even breathing the same air as us. To think stinging a non-suspecting guy just riding his bike.
    But then again... you do reap what you sow. And when you leave perfectly nice people (like me) all alone stranded in the blogger world for months at a time, you might just be getting what you deserve. ;)

    Anywho... I'm glad to see you posting and I'm praying that you'll feel right as rain very soon.
    Bleah Briann