Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I guess polar bears play basketball now...

I don't know why I didn't do this before, but I've decided to start posting about my dreams that involve 'the beast'.
I had the following dream last night. My allergies kept me up most of the night (stupid mountain cedar) and for some reason I kept looking out the window waiting for the rain we're supposed to get, but at some point around 2 AM I managed to fall asleep.
The first thing I remember from the dream was being in a packed basketball arena (San Antonio Spurs vs. some other team in white jerseys). I was sitting next to Bobby up in the nosebleed section - you know, the seats where you can reach up and touch the ceiling. Bobby was giving his best impression of a rock, as usual, silent, motionless, and cold.
The crowd was going nuts as the other team in white got a fast break. The entire arena boomed with the sound of cheering, air horns, and whistling as a huge guy from the team in white dunked the ball into the hoop, the entire backboard shattering and as even the metal fixtures holding the goal fell in a heap of twisted metal rods and wires on the floor. At the sight of the destruction, the whole crowd fell silent with fear. The big guy in the white jersey stood over the carnage as the other players on the court backed away from him. Some of the wires from the shot clock sparked and started a small fire in the rubble.
That's when I noticed that it wasn't a man in the white uniform, but a beast, THE BEAST, the polar bear I so often see in my dreams. He was wearing typical basketball shorts and a jersey that said, 'End' on the front and the number 100 on the back. He stood, slightly slumped with his massive front paws tensed like he was about to attack someone. No one in the arena moved. No one made a sound. The polar bear reached down and picked up the basketball, gripped it firmly in one paw until it exploded with an atomic bomb-like wave of sound.
As he started toward the tunnel to exit the arena, there was a percussive BOOM in one of the upper decks of seating. I looked over and saw a ball of fire from an explosion, people suddenly running and screaming. That's when I woke up.


  1. Wow...that's an awesome dream and you are a really good writer! I loved this. I was captivated. :)

    All the best, Logan!!

  2. They're not always like this, but in the dreams where I realize I am dreaming before I wake up, I usually find the polar bear...

  3. I wonder what this Polar Bear really means to you? Do you think it has some kind significance to real life? I'm a big dreamer as well, and if my dreams have some kind of significance I have no idea what they could be telling me! lol

    I do feel sorry for those that say they never dream and if they do they don't remember it! I don't know what I'd do without my dreams! Awh, My lil' secrets!(unless they're super funny) Like this one time I dreamed I took gators out to eat at a restaurant! haha lol so funny! :)

  4. Dreams are such an odd thing.
    I never understand mine...

  5. wow...i hate realising im dreaming...but a polar bear...hmmm hehe excellent piece anyway i love your writing :)

    you won an award on my blog btw

  6. Sometimes, I realize it's a dream before I wake up, and then it's plain scary, because I'm in another universe, conscious, but not in the reality we know it as. I find it really scary.

    Do you hate it too?
    "If you're going through Hell, keep going."

  7. Hi logan, its been awhile and I was just checking to see how you're doing? I don't mean to sound selfish...'cause I really do want to know what up with you bein' gone. But no body has been writing and two of mine left. So I was wondering if you might able to right something....when you have time. No rush.

    Well, I hope all is good.
    God Bless,
    Bleah Briann

  8. gosh darn it! LOL that is a horrible comment. So many typos!!!!!! :( I sorry. (no that was on purpose). I need to be more careful.

  9. I'm glad ur back, deffinetly you weren't kidnapped by the government or eaten by some monterous creature. The blogging world deffinetly wouldn't be the same without you. Also, I'm glad you haven't lost ur mind. :) Your music is amazing, please don't ever doubt that. God has blessed you so much. All of us are just jealous.