Thursday, December 10, 2009


This post is in response to Bleah's If you don't read her post first, this may not make any sense whatsoever (well, it may not make sense after you read her post, either). Anyway, the instructions were to press shuffle on the music play, then answer the question with whatever song played. Here goes nothin'...

Are you male or female? It only gets worse, Polar Bear

What do people feel when they are around you? Dhun, Ravi Shankar

Describe your current relationship? Caught in the Game, Survivor

Where would you like to be right now? Meditational Raga of north India, flute and sitar music

How do you feel about love? Freedom Fighter, Creed

Whats your life like? Where all Roads Lead, Polar Bear

What would you wish for if you only had one wish? Crysalline, Enya

Say something wise? In my sleep, Joe Budden

If someone says "Is this okay. . ." You say? The End, The Doors

How would you describe yourself? Livin' on a Prayer, Bon Jovi

How do you feel today? The Moment of Truth, Survivor

What is your life's purpose? Gamelan 3, music of Thailand

What is your motto? Two Pages, Philip Glass

What do your friends think of you? Burning Heart, Survior

What do you think of your parents? Ease Up, Aztro

What do you think of very often? Zero Sum, Nine Inch Nails

What is 2+2? Things Change, Aztro

What do you think of your best friend? Temptation Waits, Garbage

What is you life story? Hold Up, Diddy

What do you want to be when you grow up? Digital Sunrise, Polar Bear

What will you dance to at your wedding? Little Child Runnin', Curtis Mayfield

What will they play at your funeral? Bad, Michael Jackson

What is your hobby/interest? Music in Changing Parts, Philip Glass

What is your biggest fear? Danger Zone, (Top Gun soundtrack)

What is your biggest secret? Prophecy, Polar Bear

What do you think of your friends? Bullets With Butterfly Wings, Smashing Pumpkins

Hey, I tried...

I tried wrapping another gift today. It was a DVD. Still horrible.

On a completely unrelated note, the countdown to ALPHA has begun. If you are not familiar with me or my story, venture here at your own risk

I've said it before and I'll say it again...they are listening to our thoughts...


  1. haha, nice. IDK, I enjoyed it well enough. But then again we all know I'm not normal. :P

  2. Yeah I know. Its like a mixture of writers block and nothing to write about. :)