Wednesday, November 4, 2009


So my initial plan was to try to post at least once a week on my music blog, Apollyon. Things have been going more or less as planned, that is, until today.

Just a little background on how I make the music on Apollyon. Basically, I have some computer software that is like a virtual music studio. It has a ton of virtual instruments (including a piano, of course), and basically I just press a record button on screen and play on a keyboard that's hooked up to the computer. Add a little synthesizer here, a drum loop there, and voila. Instant digital arrangements.

Today, the program just decided that it was not going to cooperate. Wait. Let me take that back. It decided to be an total...well, I stop there and keep the PG rating on my blog. I had a brand new piece I've been working on for a few days and got it down to exactly how I wanted it. All that was left to do was export the project to an mp3 file. Satisfied, I clicked the export button and...

the program froze.

I do the good old ctrl+alt+del to get to the task manager, close out all programs from there, reopen the file with my new arrangement, click export again and...


repeat process. freeze.

freeze. freeze. freeze. FREEZE!!!!

Every time I tried to export the file to mp3 the program froze. I tried every trick I knew to get it to work but to no avail. It took about an hour before I finally gave up. It's like the program just decided that I had done enough, that it longer wanted me to share my work, that I should stop trying to be a musician and go find an occupation that doesn't require the use of a computer...

Even as I write this on my laptop, just behind me on the screen of my PC on which I do all of my composing, is the mocking error message...

"This program is no longer responding and needs to close"

Technology. Grrrrr....

Is it the Polar Bear Project? The dreams have more or less stopped. It's been a long time since I've seen Gabriel. Maybe they've found another way to get at me.


  1. oh dear lol sounds like a great day :(

  2. that is so frustrating! I used to have a drafting program that would freeze up like that all the time, I had to delete it and re-install a new program :( I hope you can find a way to save your work

  3. Ohh...not good! Bad technology! :(

  4. I hate when that happens! That's one of the big reasons I switched to a Mac (I assume you have a PC since you mentioned the famous ctrl-alt-delete, hehe). But really, that sucks :/

  5. damn i hate when stuff like that happens...theres no way you could save the file to another comp and try from there?
    i assume you killed the program an did a reinstall

    damn i hate when that happens

  6. url has also changed, the new link is

    im posting the first of the assassins series tonight and you mentioned you wanted to read it so yeah...

  7. I hate when that happens too! Grrrr!!!lol... You have a wonderful day and I hope it starts working for you again :)

    Oh and that's awesome you do the music all on your own, good work :)

  8. i love your blog =)
    you have some very interesting issues
    and thank you so much for your comment