Sunday, August 30, 2009

My name is Logan

My name is Logan.

They finally caught up with me and, if you're not careful, they will catch up with you, too. I'm taking a huge risk in communicating what I know to you like this. At this very moment, they could be monitoring every letter, word, and sentence I type. At the same time, they could be monitoring every idea that goes through your head. I have set up this blog so that it can only be read by people who's minds are free...well, at least I hope your mind is free.

I call it the Polar Bear Project. All I really know about it is that someone, somewhere, is using technology against us. Somewhere, for some reason, someone is using cell phones, wireless Internet, and other forms of technology that use radio waves to access our minds. They tell us what to do, what to say, where to go, what to believe.

And don't think I mean just by influence through the media...I hear that a lot. No, this is much more serious. This is much more personal. I am telling you that, at this very moment, invisible waves are passing through the air all around you, and those waves carry information directly in and out of people's brains. This is more than influence...this is imprisonment of the mind.

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